SEO Tip: Optimise Your Website Through YouTube

With more than 1 billion of unique user visits each month and 6 billion hours of videos being watched every month, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world today. These numbers make this website a goldmine for profit for online marketers and business owners. Here are some tips on how SEO companies utilize this video-sharing site for their clients’ success.

YouTube traffic comes from all over the world, where people from all walks of life visit this site for various purposes – entertainment, information, communication, etc. The best part of it all is YouTube is owned by Google – by far the biggest search engine in the world today, the search engine that you want to target for your optimization strategies.

Many internet marketers and online business owners take advantage of this video-sharing platform. If you’re starting out in online business, you should not only invest in web design Cambodia , but also understand SEO and how you can use websites like YouTube to your advantage. This post will show you how the most popular video-sharing site in the world can help your website’s SEO needs.

Upload Your Videos to Video Search Engines
YouTube is favored by its mother company (Google) for search engine results page (SERP) for search results. This is why depending on your searches, most often than not you get video results on page 1. Also, video-streaming sites work as a search engine of some sort – this is why you should submit your video content to search engines like and Sites like this weigh heavier in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Optimize Your Videos
Though SEO is quite a competitive market, and search engine optimization, in general, can be daunting for anyone, it doesn’t take an expert to optimize your YouTube videos.

Your goal to video optimization is to tell searchers what your video is about. Thus, you have to put it in the title (and make a good, catchy and fitting title), a good description and tags that represent the video. This information is what search engine crawlers look for in analyzing data and showing up information to SERPs. Here, you have to choose the words carefully. Your title should get the interest of your target market to click and watch the video, so make sure you use the keywords and terms that best represent the interest of your viewers. This is where understanding keyword research gets into the picture.

Put a Brand on Your Videos
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the two most common ways to make a logo. A logo represents a brand, which represents your business and company. A brand in a video will prevent people from stealing your videos, as it’s like a watermark in an image. If you have a logo in your video, it will remain in the video even when other people download and use it.

Promote Your Videos
Help your target viewers see your videos by promoting them. The best platforms to promote your videos online are through social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Share your videos on social networking sites, have a fan page and promote videos through ad features.

The best thing about promoting your videos to these sites is the chance of going viral through people’s “likes”, comments and shares.

Keep Your Viewers Updated
Search engines love fresh content so it is best to make and upload videos regularly and keep your YouTube channel fresh. Know the latest trend in your market and try to have a video about the issues and things that concern your target audience and are relevant to your business.

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