Making Medico Legal Assessments – Comprehensive Tests

There are frequent incidents when employees get injured in the line of duty and an assessment will have to be made if they can return back to work. There will also be cases where the employers would want independent assessments made, based on which claims, if any, can be finalized. In Queensland, Australia, for example, there are many medico legal assessments Brisbane companies now provide for such services. These are comprehensive services and the expert doctor would follow the best procedures in making the complete examination and submit a report.

A Combination of Physical and Psychological Assessments

The best firms for medico legal assessments Brisbane has would follow a formal and reliable procedure to find the factual status of the person being assessed, whether it relates to stress claim assessments or psychiatric injury claims. The doctor would like to know the ability of the individual being examined, to think coherently (as this will influence the person’s decision making capabilities) and certain cognitive skills, as they relate to problem solving and planning and so on.

The process would generally be set in motion with a personal interview to know first hand, how the person is currently feeling, if any particular treatment is being administered and also to make notes on the detailed history of the person’s claims and injuries. This may be followed by a written assessment by providing a sheet of paper and a writing instrument to answer a few questions.

It has a Neuropsychological Angle as Well

The medico legal assessments Brisbane companies offer are a comprehensive process and are devised to test a number of skills and the evaluation will include:

  • The general level of intelligence of the individual
  • As mentioned, certain specific skills related to rational thinking and problem solving
  • The cognitive skills such as concentration levels, learning capabilities and the ability to retain things learnt in memory
  • Besides the above, the assessment will also be aimed at evaluating the skills at finishing tasks assigned and to know if the person has mood swings or personality related issues.

These tests will also include the veracity of the psychological injury claims.

One Should be Prepared to Spend Sufficient Time With the Doctor

The person who is referred to this comprehensive medico legal assessment should be prepared to spend at least half a day for the complete assessment to be carried out. There might be persons requiring a break between sessions. The examining doctor would also want to be thorough with the assessments and the cooperation of the person being examined is absolutely essential for a just and clear assessment. The doctor could then submit a report. The report would contain complete details and if the person is already undergoing any correction therapy, the report might include recommendations for changes and improvements to be made where felt essential. The person will get to see the report as it will be shared with him or her and a copy sent to the person or organization that requested the assessment in the first place. Make the best of this opportunity to get objectively assessed.

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