Get your online white card training now for the best placement in the construction industry

As the year is already midway of its third quarter, Australians are looking forward to a new year with fresh possibilities, and the construction sector of the Victoria region is much more affirmative than before about the prospects that are due for the industry in the coming five years. The Master Builders Association of Victoria has indicated that the builders’ confidence increased by 44 points during the last quarter as revealed in their Industry Expectations Index. This is by far the highest point recorded from September, 2009. This index is also indicative of a rise in the percentage of builders who have reported a considerable work on hand. With this, growth comes the uncontrollable demand and shortage of skilled labourers. As a result, more and more young people are encouraged to become skilful apprentices by completing the white card online courses so that they can serve one of the many trades of this industry.

A new renovation

Thus, if you want to be employed in the building industry, then it is important for you to complete an induction white card training for obtaining the required National White Card. This card was put into force by the Occupational Health & Safety Legislation by replacing the former induction cards of several states as well as territories of Australia. Previously, the workers and employees of the construction industry were given red and blue cards or green cards. But now the training online white card is issued for unifying the building induction training programs and induction cards in all regions of the continent.

A white card course is a must

Any person willing to work on the construction sites must complete the white card online course without much delay. It is because the government officials visit various construction sites randomly to check whether each and every employee working over there is carrying their white cards with them or not. If any person is found to work there without the card or any proof of having completed the necessary course, he or she is liable to pay a fine of about $11,000.

Flexible timing and pace

Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, you are able to pursue your white card online training without needing to go anywhere on a regular basis. Since the courses are now available online, you can reap the benefits of completing them in a more flexible time based on what suits you. You can learn as well as study for the course according to your own preferred schedule so that you are able to absorb your lessons thoroughly. Learn more at NT Narbil Training.

Suitable for all

The best thing about online white card training is that it is not just ideal for those who are presently working in this sector, but also for the trainees or apprentices. With face-to-face training, it would take about 6 hours for completion whereas if you opt for the online format, the training can be completed within 2 to 4 hours. And the important point here is that the same course, same syllabus and same contents are covered in both these types of tests.

Therefore, from all perspectives, the white card online program is the most feasible training option for job aspirants in the construction industry. Check them all at


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