Be a Member of a Host Family and also Earn Money

Hire a person, and assign him or her with the task of caring for your children and also helping you in the household work. This is done in exchange for food, accommodation and some pocket money. This is the working mechanism of Au Pair Sydney services. As far as Australia is concerned, there are no laws governing the appointment of ‘Au Pair’. However, agencies or organizations engaged in appointing ‘Au Pair’ are members of The Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia (CAPAA). Further, the host families become members of the Australian Au-Pair Families Association (AAPFA). In fact, both these are non-profit organizations.

Au Pair Sydney

Derived from French:

The term ‘au pair’ has been derived from French which means ‘equal to’ or ‘at par’. Since the ‘Au Pair’ stays at the home of the host, he/she in fact becomes a member of the family notwithstanding her job is temporary. Normally, Au Pair Sydney based will have a working holiday or holiday visa.

Language course:

As you know, the work of ‘Au Pair’ involves physical work like attending to household work and caring for the children and attending to other routines of the family. It is for this reason normally host families normally prefer young women for Au Pair Sydney wide. Further, the nature of work of ‘Au Pair’ is such that she has to constantly interact with the members of host family. It is for this reason, the member organization of CAPAA advise the prospective ‘Au Pair’ to undergo language course in English so that there are no difficulties in the interaction.

Cordial relationship:

The working hours of an Au Pair in Sydney vary between 10 and 40 hours per week, depending on their nature of work. Apart from these, the ‘Au Pair’ also would be entitled to a room in the house where she would reside. In fact, the Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia (CAPAA) has set up certain guidelines in matters relating to working hours and working conditions. Further, the host family as members of Australian Au-Pair Families Association (AAPFA) also agrees to abide by the guidelines of CAPAA. All these would ensure there is a cordial relationship between the ‘Au Pair’ and the host family.

Business ethics:

In addition to these, the CAPAA makes every effort to ensure that the Sydney Au Pair follows the ethical standards required for the job. As a matter of fact, the code of conduct adopted by the CAPAA is in accordance with the code of conduct adopted by the International Au Pair Association (IAPA).

Pocket money:

The pocket money for the ‘Au Pair’ depends on the nature of work and the hours of work. However, the pocket money may vary between AU $200-$250 per week.  As already said, the ‘Au Pairs’ would be staying with you on their working Visa which normally will have validity of six months. Therefore, even the duration of appointment of ‘Au Pair’ will also be six months.

Contact a member of CAPAA:

If you are planning to be an ‘Au Pair’, you may contact any member of CAPAA (look here: Such reputed member organizations would be able to help you to find Au Pair in Sydney keeping in view your qualification, age and such other criteria. Such CAPAA member organization will ensure that the host family also takes proper care of you so that you feel at home even though you are in a foreign country.

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