Introduction to Security Guard Training

Before one can become a security guard, you need to undergo proper training designed specifically for your chosen job. There are several challenges and risks involved with being a security guard. Therefore, this training is designed to equip you with the skill set you need. If you are looking for courses on security guard training, this guide will give you an idea of what to expect. This will also inform your decision on which course to pursue depending on your needs and skill level.

Role of Security Guards

The primary role of security guards is to protect people and the business establishment they are serving for. Hence, they are responsible for keeping everyone secure and safe. The duties of the job will vary depending on the position and the type of training they had undergone. Hence, it is important to look at your area of specialization when looking for security guard training course. These courses vary in the area of focus for the training. If you would like to seek a higher position, you will have to undergo more intensive training with certification before you can assume higher responsibility.

Experts predict a 5% increase in the job outlook for security guards. Therefore, you need to choose top security guard course training qualification to ensure that you stay competitive.

Types of Training

In general, training for security guard can be broken down into two main categories: armed and unarmed security. An armed security personnel is required to carry firearms or weapon with them while on duty. Therefore, you will be required to undergo a separate licensing exam to carry the firearm. The training will also be more comprehensive as it includes firearms training. In this type of training, you will learn about the proper way to use the weapon and some safety tips for handling and use. Click here for Asset Training Australia

For unarmed security personnel, the course will be less tedious and shorter as compared to the one above. Your security guard training will focus on basic guidelines related to your jobs such as state laws, company policies, and other safety and security requirements for the facility or company you are working for. Most security guards will also be working as a shadow trainer for other security guards. This will give you a chance to become familiar with the area and safety procedures before you are assigned the area by yourself.

Skills Required

To some, the work of a security guard is simple. As long as you comply with the requirements and have passed your training course, you are good to go. But in reality, there are a lot of skills required before one can become a security guard. Some of these skills include knowledge of legal rights, public safety protocol and to some extent weapons knowledge too. You must also have emergency procedures training so you can provide assistance during emergency situations.

Depending on where you are looking to hold a job as a security guard, the licensing requirements will vary largely. Make sure to check what these requirements are in order to pursue this type of career.

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